A DISTINCTIVE ETHOS: Everyone Excels Everyday

We believe that everyone excels everyday here at Hollingworth Academy. This ethos is built on our core values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE and these values are at the heart of everything we do.

In order for every child at Hollingworth to be supported and challenged to make outstanding progress academically we need to build resilience in them to keep moving forward and take responsibility for their learning. We want considerate and confident young adults who are respected within their community, capable of successfully entering further education, employment and training. We will always have the highest expectations for all of our pupils as their success is our success.

We have a very clear and traditional view on standards of behaviour and appearance. Our pupils must take responsibility for their choices regarding how they dress and how they conduct themselves around school and within the community. We believe that high expectations with regard to behaviour and respect, together with clearly defined and applied rules, ensure that all children know where they stand and what is expected of them. We continue to ensure that every pupil has the right to learn and that every teacher is able to teach in a positive, productive and mutually respectful environment.

Our school uniform is designed to be smart, inclusive and practical; it is one of the ways which helps build a sense of pride in our community.

We believe that setting homework is an important means of developing our pupils’ independence and resilience as learners in which they are able to practise and extend skills learnt in school. We will provide opportunities for pupils to acquire the knowledge needed to be successful. Pupils must, again, show that they are responsible learners outside of the classroom in order to be successful. Our Learning Resource Centre, fully equipped with books and computers, is open to allow our pupils to study at Hollingworth before and after the normal school day.

We also run a Year 11 Study Lounge (The Base), which is open from 3.00pm to 4.30pm and allows upper school pupils a working environment similar to those found at colleges and universities.

We are extremely proud of our pupils and their achievements. Indeed, visitors frequently comment that they are confident, respectful, thoughtful and articulate young people.