Curriculum Provision

Our vision for World Class schooling is one in which all pupils:

Our curriculum philosophy is underpinned by the principles of Excellence, Equity, Engagement and Enterprise.  We offer a challenging curriculum that meets pupils' needs and offers increasing choice as pupils move through the Academy.  The focus is on progress achieved through high quality teaching and a range of engaging learning experiences.  The acquisition of skills is central, both in terms of literacy and numeracy, as well as the wider skills needed to equip pupils for success throughout and beyond education.  The curriculum is broad and balanced, offering a real breadth of opportunity and enrichment to allow all pupils to progress successfully to the next stage in their education or career path.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

In Year 7, pupils are placed in a mixed ability tutor group with approximately equal numbers of boys and girls. Pupils are taught in these groups for Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Digital Literacy (ICT), Design Technology, History, Geography, Religious Education, Modern Foreign Languages and Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education. English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Science ‘set’ the pupils according to their particular ability in these subjects.

At Key Stage 3 we follow a broad and balanced curriculum which is tailored to the needs of different groups of pupils.  From June, in Year 7, pupils follow a pathways curriculum in Years 8 and 9.  This involves pupils being able to learn in smaller class sizes with children of a similar ability in most subjects.  We offer a range of opportunities in order to challenge and support their learning.  These include accelerated GCSE courses in a variety of subjects which may involve taking a GCSE in Years 9 and 10 for gifted and talented pupils, or extra support for literacy and numeracy for pupils with additional educational needs.  This year we have also introduced a 'Preference Curriculum' in Year 9 which allows pupils to 'major' in subjects they particularly enjoy.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

The curriculum pattern provided for Year 10 and 11 pupils closely follows the National Curriculum requirements for Key Stage 4 (14-16) with all pupils studying for qualifications in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, IT and Computing.  Our broad and balanced curriculum offers pupils choices both within and in addition to the National Curriculum framework.  This is subject to change in the future as we review the curriculum annually in order to best meet the needs of our pupils.

GCSE Courses

  • Art and Design (AQA 4201)
  • Art and Design: Graphic Design (AQA 4203)
  • Art and Design: Textiles (AQA 4204)
  • Business (Edexcel 2BS01)
  • Biology (AQA 4401)
  • Chemistry (AQA 4402)
  • Computing (OCR J275)
  • Dance (AQA 4232)
  • Design and Technology: Product Design (AQA 4557)
  • Drama (Edexcel 2DR01)
  • English Language (AQA 8700)
  • English Literature (AQA 8702)
  • French (Edexcel 2FR01)
  • Geography A (AQA 9032)
  • History B (AQA 9147)
  • Hospitality and Catering (WJEC 4730)
  • Information Technology (OCR J461)
  • Italian (Edexcel 2IN01)
  • Mathematics A Linear (Edexcel 1MAO)
  • Media Studies (WJEC 4390)
  • Music (AQA 4272)
  • Physical Education (AQA 4892)
  • Physics (AQA 4403)
  • Religious Studies (WJEC 4522)
  • Science A (AQA 4405)
  • Science Additional (AQA 4408)
  • Spanish (Edexcel 2SP01)
  • Urdu (Edexcel 2UR01)


  • Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Engineering (BLH69)

European Computer Driving Licence

  • BCS Level 2 ECDL Certificate in IT Application Skills


  • CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness) Award

Awarding Bodies

Physical Education, Careers, Personal, Social, Citizenship, Religious and Health Education are compulsory non-examination subjects for all.


We recognise all of our children, as individuals, respect them accordingly and are committed to developing the learning of all pupils regardless of ability or background.  We are one of a small minority of schools who have been awarded a Charter Mark for excellent practice in this area.

Gifted and Talented

We are committed to stretching our most able pupils to achieve their full potential.  In practice, this means we strive to ensure work is differentiated to meet their needs in class and provide access to accelerated GCSE courses during KS3.  In addition, some pupils may study advanced level (A/S) courses in KS4.  Also links with colleges, universities and businesses help to raise awareness of future career pathways as well as providing unique opportunities for 'high flyers'.

Learning Support

To help those who have particular learning needs we have a dedicated team of support staff to assist pupils in class.  In addition, we also have an Inclusion Centre complete with a dedicated learning resource suite and mentoring facilities.


We believe that homework plays an important part in the learning and development of all our pupils and we set it as a matter of good educational practice.  We deem that homework is such a vital area of study that it positively affects attainment and helps pupils to fulfil their potential.  It is because of this that we ask parents/carers to support us in seeing that homework is properly completed and under the best possible circumstances.

Homework is also recognised as something that encourages good study habits.  This is because it offers pupils the chance to work independently and helps to develop self-discipline.  Finally, homework also gives pupils the opportunity to practice what they have learned during lessons.  In conclusion, evidence shows that pupils who attempt their homework conscientiously are the ones who will be likely to make the most of their opportunities at school.

To help pupils plan and record their homework a new planner is given to every pupil at the start of year and a homework timetable is arranged to ensure a balance of homework tasks throughout the week. 

Reporting to Parents/Carers

At Hollingworth Academy we provide an annual comprehensive written report on each pupil's achievements.  During the course of the year, additional information is sent out to inform parents/carers about their child's progress.

There are Parents' Evenings for each year group.  Parents/carers will be informed of the dates and times during the school year and reminded shortly before they take place.

If at any time parents/carers feel the need to discuss the progress of their child they should contact the appropriate Head of Year at school.

Awards Evenings and Reward Trips

Every year we hold three Awards Evenings to celebrate the successes of our pupils. These evenings recognise and reward pupils for a variety of accomplishments including academic success, sporting and musical development as well as personal achievement. The awards are designed to recognise the achievements of all pupils irrespective of age, ability or gender. We believe that it is important to reward our pupils for their excellent behaviour and attitude to learning. Staff regularly organise reward trips in the evening and at the end of the Christmas and summer terms. These included activities such as: go karting; ice skating; Alton Towers; Chill Factore; cinema; Chester Zoo; and visiting the Trafford Centre. These trips help to foster excellent relationships and build the 'Hollingworth Family'.

Enrichment Events

At Hollingworth we believe in providing a stimulating and creative environment, both in and outside of school.  This personalised approach means developing the whole child, focusing on their individual strengths and needs.

We aim to enrich the curriculum with regular educational trips and visits and run over seventy each year.  These include all age groups and represent all curriculum areas.  Examples of trips organised for pupils at Hollingworth last year include: a ski trip to Andorra; History visits to Ypres, Munich and Berlin, and a Modern Foreign Languages visit to Barcelona.  For this academic year we will be taking pupils to Disneyland Paris, to CERN in Switzerland to see the Large Hadron Collider, and Spain for a football tournament with Year 7 and Year 8 pupils.

In recent years Hollingworth has looked to develop the creative skills and talents of all pupils.  A series of enrichment days which focus on issues such as human rights, healthy lifestyles and choices, and effective revision techniques are provided for all pupils.  Furthermore, during these sessions we develop the transferrable skills, such as team work, personal and social enterprise, which the pupils will need when they leave Hollingworth.  These creative skills are also developed through participation in the many Performing Arts events.  Recent events include:

After School Clubs

Hollingworth runs a number of clubs after school on a daily basis.  These include every single department, with a particularly healthy PE provision.  A full list of after school clubs can be found here.

The Base

The school also provides clubs every night during the week for pupils to access both resources and staff when completing their homework.  In Key Stage 4 we have an upper school study lounge, 'The Base', which runs on numerous nights until 5:00pm and offers pupils a working environment similar to those found at colleges and universities.  There is also a homework club run in the Learning Resource Centre every night: Monday to Wednesday for all year groups from 3-4pm; Thursday and Friday from 1.50 to 2.50pm (Year 7 and Year 8) and from 3 to 4pm for remaining year groups.

Revision Sessions

As we move close to the exam season, our Revision Programme begins from the February half term.  We put on over 170 sessions per week.  Pupils are rewarded Vivo points for each session they attend, the cash value of which can be used to subsidise the cost of the Prom and end of year reward trip.  At this time pupils also move into targeted tutor groups, which focus on specific areas, allowing pupils daily revision sessions leading up to the exams.  As part of our wellbeing package, this year we have also built in sessions aimed at developing a work-life balance in our pupils which allows them to get involved in yoga, Boxercise, Zumba and many other activities.  A full list of our revision sessions can be found here.