Engineering and Construction

Through our curriculum provision we aim to bring vocational learning to life in school, with real world challenges. Engaging pupils with access to transferable skills and an insight into the different engineering and construction sectors, before entering post 16 education/apprenticeships.

The Curriculum



Construction has adopted a progressive curriculum model where we deliver several skill based areas that cover specific skill based objectives. The construction curriculum has purposely had time built into it to be flexible allowing pupils to detour, question and investigate different techniques, processes and skills further. This curriculum model allows learners to: ‘learn by doing', questioning what they do whilst learning real life skills. This model allows us to facilitate the pupils learning whilst working alongside them and challenging them to think independently about the real world problems. Health and Safety is taught throughout all of the topics.

Year 9 Curriculum Plan Construction

Key Stage 4


The BTEC Tech Award in Engineering is a vocational course which gives pupils an insight into industrial processes and practices. Over the two year period pupils will gain knowledge and skills through completing three theory based and practical units each comprising numerous activities and tasks, one of which is an externally marked controlled assessment. This course will create a solid foundation for the pupil to build upon after leaving school, whether they choose to proceed further in this area at college or decide to venture into the world of engineering.

BTEC Engineering Award (Level 1/2)


The syllabus is designed to support pupils to develop an awareness of the different professions within the construction industry and the environment that they work in. It provides learners with a broad introduction to the different trades involved in the sector and the types of career opportunities available.

Studying Construction prepares pupils to enter employment in the construction sector or to progress to further education. The course helps to develop skills such as: independent learning, logical thinking, problem-solving, team working, research, ICT skills and planning which is directly relevant to the changing needs of the profession.


WJEC Level 1 / 2 Vocational Award in Constructing the Built Environment

Pearson BTEC Level 1 / 2 Tech Award in Engineering (YYK27)

Extended Curriculum

After School Clubs

To support our Year 10 & 11 pupils further we also offer after school session where they can complete assignment work or develop their skills using our 3D modelling software.


Future engineers club; local companies come in and work with our pupils teaching them new manufacturing techniques. The department staff organise mini projects that give the pupils the opportunity to learn how to use the metal lathe and milling machine to manufacture a brass plumb bob, aluminium spirit level and padlock.

We operate several trips to local and global engineering companies such as Holroyd Precision Engineering, Dunphy Combustion, Flender, Airbus & Hanson Springs.