Year 7 and 8 pupils all participate in the Accelerated Reading Scheme in an aim to improve literacy.

All fiction resources are labelled according to each reading level to enable pupils to choose the appropriate book. Once the book has been read, pupils are then able to take an online quiz to ascertain whether:

  1. They have read the book
  2. They have understood the book
  3. They are reading books at the appropriate level

Pupils are awarded a certificate for achieving 85-95% accuracy and 100% accuracy, as well as being awarded vivos as a reward for their efforts. Pupils move on to the next reading level following success in their Accelerated Reading quizzes.


In order to encourage literacy, the LRC is stocked with a wide range of resources accessible to all pupils regardless of ability. Stock is replenished on an annual basis and pupils are encouraged to suggest books or favourite authors that will be purchased on their behalf. It is vital that up to date stock is available on the shelves in order to maintain a good reading ethos in school.

We have recently undertaken a stock take of the fiction section of the library and have taken the opportunity of re-arranging the shelves in much the same way as the high street bookshops, making the library easier to navigate. Every effort is made to ensure that pupils are reading materials which are age appropriate. We have therefore taken the liberty of introducing three main sections within the fiction section of the library:

Young Reader Section

This section is for pupils between the age of 11-12 and stocks a host of popular titles and authors.

Young Teen Section

This section is for pupils between the age of 12+ - 14 and the resources are colour coded with an orange sticker.

Young Adult Section

This section is for pupils 14+ and over and the resources are colour coded with a red sticker.

Should younger pupils wish to choose books from the Young Teen section, they are advised to bring a note from their parent, giving their permission for their child to read these resources.

Graphic Novels

We have an extensive range of graphic novels located in the LRC and these can be loaned out in the usual way.


We have a selection of educational magazines and comics which are available to pupils in the LRC. Magazines are to be read in the LRC only and are not to be taken home.

Books are loaned over a two weeks period and pupils are advised that whilst the book is in their care, they are responsible for the book and that it should be returned in good condition. All resources are issued with a plastic jacket and pupils are provided with a plastic wallet in which to keep the book to protect from damage. Any books returned damaged or lost items, must be paid for and this can be done via Wisepay.


This year we have introduced tutor reading boxes for our Year 10 pupils. Pupils are encouraged to read at least twice a week during morning tutor time. The reading boxes contain a selection of resources, such as magazines, newspaper articles with activities to test their knowledge, as well as various resources to support their English work in the lead up to their GCSE examinations next year.

Summer Reading Challenge Booklet